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Beaded Pens

K. Joy Ballard Peters meticulously designs elegant, magical, regal and unique one-of-a-kind beaded writing instruments. The fountain and ballpoint pens combine flair and practicality in a variety of colors. The traveling piece of art attracts attention every time you pull one out of the pen’s signature bag. A few fountain pens, a stylus or two, and limited numbers of “Over the Top” pens, which have extra large embellishments, are made each season. K. Joy and her cousin Cynthia Harris, purchase unique hand-made ceramic and glass beads, stones, Swarovski crystals, man-made bling and metal fillers in order to maintain the one-of-a-kind signature items.


While visiting my cousin, Cynthia Harris, in Washington, D.C. I was fascinated by the unique beaded pens that matched each color of her reading glasses. Upon inquiring, I discovered that she made these one-of-a-kind writing pens. I took 10 back to Atlanta and sold them in one day. Fast forward… she had to teach me how to make these one-of-a-kind pens to keep up with demand. Cynthia, dedicated to social work, is quite a creative individual so when we join our creative energy, explosions of product emerge.