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Safety Pin Bracelets

The beaded safety pin jewelry has it origin in African countries like Senegal and South Africa. There are pins, necklaces and bracelets, all made from safety pins and beads, often strung on single elastic cords. There are two types of safety pin bracelets created by K. Joy Peters, all one-of-a-kind. The flat or low relief bracelets are varied in color, patterns and designs. The mega dancing beaded bracelets utilize hundreds of safety pins, some extended outward, to create movement and pizzazz. She continuously creates unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry statements that excite and amaze.


Over the years, in museums, and on trips to Africa, I had seen the African jewelry made from safety pins. I was inspired to recreate a version of the bracelets after seeing a friend wearing one made of French pins. Each of the first 12 bracelets I made in 2002 were very heavy. They each had 900 safety pins, most covered with seed beads. I am still using heavy elastic bands, but I am adding buttons, metal findings, charms, and figurative beads to the seed beads traditionally used.