Painting with watercolors allows the transparency of colors to interact with the white textured paper. The paints dry very quickly, requiring one to work as quickly and move from light colored areas to dark tones, unlike the oil or acrylic media. The mixing of colors takes place on palette pans instead of the paper. Traditionally, to achieve white in a watercolor painting you must preserve the white paper with rubber cement glue or tape. Washes, thin layers of diluted colors, create light and a freshness of color.


While attending Howard University I received awards for her watercolor paintings and enjoyed the medium. However, from time to time - especially to reduce stress, I paint small, detailed watercolor paintings. I love nature, (probably due to 12 years Girl Scouting), so I paint trees, mountains, beaches, water and sunsets. I enjoy modifying the technique. For example, I apply tape to block out areas of color and create the illusion of windows. Sometimes, I tear the tape just for fun to offer a piece unpredictable white space and dimension.